We Try To Make Things Easier For You!


We Come to Your Door to Do the FREE Appraisal!

We understand it is hard to move antiques around sometimes and the transportation would potentially cause damage to the fragile pieces, so we come to your door and offer you professional appraisal services focused on your specific needs and requirements. Our specialist has done consulting on Chinese antiques for many years and more amazing, the assessment we provide is completely FREE!


We Pay Cash!

If you are looking to sell your antiques and collectibles for good cash, we are the right choice. Once we finish the evaluation and decide to buy your pieces, we are able to pay in cash.  We can also pay via paypal, bank checks, and wire transfer based on your specific needs.


We Find the Right Buyers For You!

We buy things directly from you, but we might not be the best buyers for everything you have. As a result, we also help you to find the right buyers for the specific items you would like to sell for the best price. We only charge 10% of the final realized price as the service fee, which includes EVERYTHING.